Monday, February 15, 2010

More Snow???

Calling for 9 more inches today - a perfect day to Cricut...'cept DH is off work because of the holiday, and decided to do the TAXES! I'm having withdrawal. He's out shoveling snow, now, so here I am. Dying to get started with my new SCAL software!  Stay warm!

 The view from our back door!


Amy (aka Aimitup) said...

Hi Laura - thanks for your nice note on my blog. Glad the heart with swirls worked out for you. Your backyard looks like mine. I am near Pittsburgh and it is snowing again as I type. Think Spring! Amy

Denise From Boca said...

email me at

Denise From Boca said...

Is this Laura who is trying to make a font? You left a note/comment on my blog. Did you create the font by using the onlineconverter after you completed assigning all your images to the glyphs and saved your svg file as per the instructions? then extracted out your font from the archive file? I'm not sure what step you are on....


LollyChops said...

WOW... and I thought I had a lot of snow come my way a few weeks ago. I have never actually seen that much in person. It must be beautiful!

More HUGS!


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