Saturday, October 27, 2012

Milk-aholic SVG for Avery Round Labels 5293 - 1 2/3"

I am working on a baby shower for our daughter - her first (so excited!!!), in the darling Milk-aholic theme that's all over Pinterest. Although there are lots of pix for ideas online, there are very few actual templates for making some of the cute things that made the shower look so good, so I will be posting whatever I design for it, so that it might help out someone else that wants to throw this shower.
Although these labels have the Milk-aholic designs on them, you could easily pare down the graphics to get the actual template for the round labels. (After the shower, I'll get this done and post the blank template.) I tried using the template available on, but it wasn't accurate. Hope someone can use these!
To download them in svg format, click here.
To download them in a pdf version, click here. (I haven't tested the accuracy of the pdf file. You may have to fiddle with it.)

PS - Just to explain my labels, "Sparkle" is for club soda to add fizz to juices, "Sunrise" is for grenadine.


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