Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wowzer! New way to view Blogger blogs!

This is the coolest!  I learned it from Paulo (http:// .  Fab new ways to view any Blogger blog - the ones with 'blogspot' in their address):

To see all the pix of all posts on a site on one scroll-able page, just add 


to the end of the url address, as in the following example:

et voila!  Extra cool. My new favorite way to view all Blogger blogs. Notice the blue menu to the left of the search area at the top right of the page pictured above. It says "Snapshot" now, but you can choose a bevy of other ways to view a site through this drop-down menu, including flipcard (fun - almost a game), mosaic (cool), sidebar ((meh), & timeslide (haven't figured this one out yet), but the snapshot is definitely my fave. Have fun with this!


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