Monday, February 7, 2011

Free Kaleidoscope Plug-in for Photoshop!

The photo at the top is of a concrete mosaic garden sculpture I made a few summers ago, and the one below it  is a kaleidoscope of a closeup of that photo. I was over at Extreme Cards and Papercrafting - one of my very favorite blogs (my love for/addiction to pop-ups goes waaaaay back to childhood), and she had posted about this wonderful free plug-in for Photoshop (in its many guises) for creating kaleidoscopes of your photos.

I had just seen an episode of Scrapbook Memories on Saturday where they incorporated kaleidoscope printouts into a fabulous valentine card, and was interested in making one, but can't afford the software. Voila! You can download software like it for free at:

They have all kinds of free plug-ins for PS, including photo collages. Wowwy - what a fun way to spend some time! Thank you Carol, and the wonderful people at!


Tori said...

WOW you made that? that is awesome love all the colors!!

Tori :D

Aussie Carolyn said...

I love your mosaic. I think I will get out my collection of tiles and try something similar for my garden.

I also thank you for the information about the plug-in for Photoshop and I have just downloaded it. All I need now is the time to play.

Laura said...

Thanks, Carolyn. The problem with these mosaic orbs is, their doggone heavy! The one pictured is about 15" in diameter, and weighed about 40 pounds before I put the mosaics on. I make the spheres myself, and rather like the plain concrete ones for their modern appeal, but I love mosaics and had a blast doing them. I got smart and figured out a way to do much larger ones, but they were very thin-walled - you could toss one up in the air! - but very strong. I made them with a roughly round opening - rather like a just-hatched dinosaur egg. I sold them as garden art, partially filled with water, with floating candles and flowers in them. Lovely at night!


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