Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rose-topped Scalloped Favor Box

I have seen these done with punches, but I wanted a cut file for my Cricut. I made a few changes to the actual flower parts to make it easier to put together. I designed the rose leaves, and added it to the top of my Scalloped Favor Box, which is just the right size for some mints or wrapped chocolates, or even a Tim Bit, which is what my daughter had for her wedding favors.

I love this little rose. it is so real looking. I chalked the edges of some of the petals to give it depth, but it looks just as pretty without doing that. The box is a 1½" cube, and the rose measures 7/8" across and 5/8" high - tiny! It takes about 3-5 minutes to form the flower, using a pencil and some hot glue (I suggest low temp - trust me on this), so this would definitely be doable on a large scale for wedding or shower favor boxes.

The svg for the box with flower is $5.00 USD. Upon notification from Paypal of funds received, I will email you the svg's for both the scalloped Favor Box and the Rose with Leaves, as well as the scut2 file, and a sheet of directions with a picture of the finished rose-topped box. Please use the Donate button to order, and leave a note telling me which file it is that you want.

Thanks for your support - it means so much to me!


xosparklesxo said...

That looks fabulous!

Mary said...

Really cute. Love the rose!

BeeBeebabs said...

Very very nice tfs

Anonymous said...

Oh how pretty!!! I came by to say THANK YOU for your AWESOME comment on my blog.....I'm glad I could make you giggle with the first card....Isn't it funny!!! I showed it to my hubby when I got it done...and he said "hey that should be mine"....LOL My son got a kick out of it too!!! You've made my day with your comment...I hope you are having a very blessed day!!! ;)

lovemypaper said...

Very pretty box!


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