Sunday, May 16, 2010

A2 Envelobox for Embellished Cards Using The Martha Stewart Score Board


I have seen the directions for these before, but I have never had one turn out for me - always too skimpy in the gluing area - so I reinvented the wheel.

NOTE: I have marked the 6" line on my score board with a fine-tipped permanent marker, from top to bottom. This makes it so much easier to line things up. You will need to do this for this envelobox.

Heavy paper or cardstock, double-sided if you want a lined-envelobox look
Double Stick tape
Homemade envelope glue - see this blog for recipe
  1. Cut paper to an 8½" square.
  2. Align top & bottom points at the 6" mark. Score at: 2 7/8", 3 1/8", 8 7/8", & 9 1/8".
  3. Turn the paper 90 degrees, aligning the top and bottom points at the 6" mark, and score at: 3½", 3¾", 8½", 8¾", and 11 5/8". This last score is on the bottom flap. It will fold over to the inside of the box.
  4. Cut out the triangles that were formed where the scores intersected, cutting to the inner scoreline, and cutting on the outside of the score lines. 
  5. Fold on the scorelines. Apply double-stick tape along the outside edges of the bottom flap, going all the way to the tip. Lay the envelobox on your work surface, and while carefully holding the sides in place, fold the bottom flap up over the sides and gently press into place without pressing down on the taped tuck-in flap. Fold this tuck-in to the inside and press, adhering it to itself. 
  6. Apply homemade envelope glue or double-stick tape to the edges of the top flap, and allow to dry if using glue. I'm not sure how well this glue holds, so you may need to test it, especially if you're mailing this envelobox.


Laura said...

Ha - so I was looking for directions for an envelobox for a couple Mother's Day cards I'd made, & saw this on Pinterest. It uses the Martha Stewart Score Board, which I own, so I followed the link. Duh! It was a link to my own blog! Has anyone other than me ever done this? Ever? What a dolt.


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